Wednesday, March 10, 2010


ROCK-N-RON is a professional contemporary classic recording and performing artist playing today in clubs, restaurants, festivals and concerts as a one man band.

Takes all his expert abilities as a musician and technical training to produce the “hits you remember” from Elvis to current hits of today.

Has written over 250 songs and produced music for independent movies and network television and continues to teach and write to this day.

His love and influences rage widely but his true love is that of the 50’s the great American originals Rock & Roll legends like ElVIS, CHUCK BARRY, EVERLY BROTHERS, the early BEATLES, EDDIE COCHRAN, RAY CHARLES and ROY ORBISON, to todays new music.

Born in Chicago raised in California/Nevada and now resides in Naples Florida area.
Ron’s style comprises of a classic traditional guitar, percussion, vocal combination.
As a traditional original rock musician and one of the most accomplished interpreters of the Great American early 50’s music.

He is a consummate entertainer, able to fulfill many requests with his astonishing fun style. (“Come on everybody lets sing”)

Looking for obscure standards, how about a little ROY ROGERS you'll find that you are going to have too much fun. ("(Happy Trails to You")

Up tempo music is the kind you want to dance to and then how about some smart ballads to enjoy and relax to.

Not an imitator. No Elvis costumes here, just the fun of the Elvis era music & more. If you are interest please contact Rock-N-Ron.